Meredith's Nursery

This is my favorite room that I have ever designed. 

The little white table, ottoman, chair etc I am sure will be moved around constantly, 
for tea parties etc. 

Let's start on one side of the room and go around to the other. Because I love to see inside other people's drawers and how they organize their stuff, I am going to show you everything. 

 One side of the closet, next to the dresser with the changing pad, so everything is in reach. 

I was sick of her hair bows being squished in a drawer 
so I made this. 

I installed some hooks we already had on the inside closet 
wall for her headbands. 

My Grandma gave me this doll when I was little. The little cup is a gift from Grandma Carolyn and I use the clothespins to pin matching bloomers to the hanger with it's dress. 

Dirty clothes hamper (same one of the boys all used)

I painted the boys old changing table and it is perfect for storage. 


Burp cloths

Bath towel and wash cloths

Clothes she almost fits into

Baby toys

Pool towel 
(I will add her bathing suit & other pool stuff to this once it is summer)

Other side of the closet. 

I put clothes that she grows out of in the white bin. Extra diapers

I LOVE dresses, so I wanted them out instead of packed away. (These are up to 2T)

Bin with the next sizes of clothing and toy chest with toys that are for older babies. 

Moving on to the gallery wall

DIY subway art with her birth info

Blessing shoes

Cute print I found on Etsy

This drool bib was mine as a baby

 I found all of the drawer organizers at Ikea. In the top drawer I put everything you might need when getting her dressed/changing her diaper. 

Shoes, socks, tights, hats, blessing jewelry, flower headbands (the flowers will be turned into clips once the headbands don't fit and put on the hair clip organizer), extra pacifiers and pacifier clip. 

Diapers, diaper rash cream, hair brush and comb, baby meds, etc. are also in the top drawer. 

The next drawer is full of clothes. 

The bottom drawer has extras & keepsakes. 
Wipes, diaper pail trash bags, bigger size bottles...

I made the two pillow covers

I love these curtains! When the afternoon sun shines through them the whole room gets a rosy glow and feels so warm and girly :)

 This white table (and the little pink chair on the other side of the room) were Meredith's Great Great Grandma's! (She is still alive- she will be 102 at the end of this month) She had them when she was a little girl, then her daughter (Great Grandma Carolyn) played with them, then Grandma Cindy when she was a little girl and now Meredith gets to use them in her room to play with and to have her tea parties on. They were broken and had three layers of old paint on them so Dave stripped the paint, put them back together, used a lot of wood filler and then I painted them. 

 I made the flower mobile 

The doll cradle is of full of dolls and animals given to Meredith by four of her Grandma's and her Aunt. The blanket was a doll blanket I played with as a little girl. 

These are the views while sitting in the white chair. 

Extra Info: 

Crib: Same one all three boys used,  I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk paint
Bedding: Restoration Hardware Outlet 
Mirror: recycled from powder room when we bought the house
Flower mobile: DIY
Curtains: Land of Nod
Arm chair: Ikea
Pillows: DIY
Dresser: Ikea with knobs from Hobby Lobby
Wall Gallery:
*shadow box with blessing shoes (Etsy)
*DIY subway art and old frame painted
*Love print from Etsy
*Letter M from Hobby Lobby, spray painted
*Wooden circles recycled from an old clock and toy drum, fabric from Joann's
Hair bow board- DIY using embroidery hoop 
Bunting was made by a friend for Meredith
Circles on the wall are white contact paper 
Cradle: Pottery Barn kids
Striped tote that holds baby books: tjmaxx
Hat boxes: DIY with rifle paper co. wrapping paper
Gray ottoman: old
Lamp: old

I think that is it, let me know if you have any questions

Loft turned Bedroom

Before I post Andrew's room, I better start at the beginning with what we started with. His room was an open loft area that we had made into a 4th bedroom upstairs. 

After adding trim and doors, he had a room! This was all before we moved in... But I want it documented.